Travel Basketball FAQ's

Posted by Diana Hamblin on Sep 25 2016 at 05:00PM PDT in 2018-2019

What is Travel basketball?

Travel league basketball is a competitive level of basketball for players that are more skilled, and typically have a stronger competitive nature than those girls that play in the house league. In order to join a travel team, players must attend tryout sessions and be selected for placement on a team. 

The PGBL participates in one travel league: the South Shore Girls Basketball League (SSGBL). The SSGBL is the highest level of competitive travel basketball, playing teams from surrounding towns such as Marshfield, Hanover, Braintree, Pembroke, Quincy, Duxbury, and more. The SSGBL is based on a 16 game season starting the first week of December. Many weekends teams play on both Saturday and Sunday. Travel teams practice a minimum of 1 nights per week – often times, twice weekly. 



What’s the difference between Travel and the House (regular) league?

The primary difference is the level of competition. Travel is highly competitive, requires a greater level of commitment, and carries a higher cost. Travel teams play many of their games outside of Plymouth; whereas, all House league games are played in one of our local school gyms. 

House teams practice one night per week for an hour (5, 6, 7, or 8 pm) and rules for playing time ensure all players play an equitable amount. Playing time rules for travel leagues are less stringent.

A number of other rules differ; such as, defensive and offensive schemes, length of game, and more.


Do Girls have to tryout for Travel league basketball? House league basketball?

Yes, tryouts are a prerequisite for joining a Travel basketball team. Tryouts are held in October and are overseen by an independent panel of coaches and/or PGBL board members. Every girl is evaluated in a fair and equitable manner. The independent panel picks the first 8 players for a travel team, and the remaining players (usually 2) are selected at the discretion of the Travel coach. 

House league play is open to girls of all skill levels and do not require any prior experience with the game. Once registered, a girl is placed on a team with the intention of creating balanced teams based on fun, learning, and friendly competition. 


What is the cost for Travel?

For the 2017-2018 season the cost to join an SSGBL travel team is $400 and it includes the cost of a uniform, plus a shooter shirt. 


What is the benefit of playing in the SSGBL? 

The PGBL submits 4 teams to play in the SSGBL every year and has for the last 15+ years. We have a long-standing relationship with the SSGBL which has helped numerous Plymouth girls continue to play basketball at the high school level and beyond. 


What is the time commitment for a travel team?

Travel basketball requires a strong commitment in terms of time, attitude, work ethic, and teamwork. Given the demands on parents, families, and children these days, it can be very difficult to juggle multiple activities. Parents and players who wish to play travel should carefully consider all these demands before making the commitment to a travel team. 


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